Gorillapips was designed to create successful and consistent traders by providing a positive trading environment.

Trading is often viewed as a lucrative career option, but most people fail to understand the risks involved in trading. Most traders jump into the trading world with little knowledge and very few acquired technical skills and as a result, end up losing money. We offer a effective (mentoring-ship program) which gives you the right edge, allowing you to completely learn how to trade and invest like the professionals.  At Gorillapips, one will learn a set of ancient principles, hidden market mechanics and simple techniques that will make one a more intrigue confident trader for life.

J. Washington started Gorillapips in 2011, so that anyone from any background can learn and duplicate this very unique process.  So no matter the stock, commodity or foreign currency we can help.

“With having over 10+ years of trading and investing education, I couldn’t imagine any greater opportunity more exciting than joining Gorillapips.  Not only the knowledge you gain, think of the freedom, think of the enjoyment you will have by learning something that will change your life.”         

 J. Washington